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STORM >> STORMX Stop exchanging our crypo which works well on the upside for crypto which only decrease and cause us to lose all our money invested This is a scam this ... !!!#373


STORM change scam against another STORMX crypo (STMX) …
Before STORM worked very well and was often on the rise … And it was removed to put another cryto which only works on the downside and which was made to drop the market from the start ….. for restricted falling continuously. So it’s a total scam.
I’m disgusted because it made me lose a lot of money
When I bought STORM it corresponded to 0.875 BTC

After switching to STORMX my acaht would correspond to
0.600 BTC

constant fall of the market for days

I bought my STM / BTC at 0.00000035

when they changed STORM Against STORMX from 0.00000035 it dropped directly to 0.00000022

37% loss in a few days … Normally it should be forbidden to do this … This STORMX does not work at all … the rate of decline and never goes up .. In fact day after day I will lose all the money I invested in it.
I hope Binance won’t do this to us again.
When we trust the functioning of a crypto we should not change us without asking our opinion …
If Binance does it again another time I will have to go elsewhere … It’s too dangerous to trade here …

2 months ago

Avant achat STORM / VAleur 0.850 BTC // Apres a changement mon achat STORM avec STORMX c’est transformé en valeur moins 0.600 BTC

2 months ago